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Look Who's Kickin's three dimensional images are meant to be for entertainment purposes only. They will not take the place of an ultrasound done earlier in your pregnancy, as ordered by your physician. The second trimester ultrasound done earlier in your pregnancy was done to ensure that your baby is growing as it should be, and that there are no severe congenital abnormalities.

We do require that you have completed your second trimester 2-D ultrasound prior to your visit with us, and we also require that you have obtained permission from your obstetrician. Since this is a non-diagnostic study, it will not be covered by your insurance, and we do not offer diagnostic 3-D ultrasounds.

We will offer the sex of your child if you like! We also provide beautiful images of your child's face, and body. We prefer doing ultrasounds on babies after they have reached 24 weeks; by this time they have much more developed facial features, such as chubby cheeks and hair. When babies are much older than 36 weeks, they are bundled up so tightly that we may not be able to adequately see the best features of your baby.

We welcome your family and friends to enjoy this experience with you! We can accommodate up to six guests, and you can watch together on a large-screen monitor.

You should wear loose fitting clothing to your session. Unlike ultrasounds done earlier in pregnancy, you do not need to worry about having a full bladder for your ultrasound.

There is no set limit on the number of medical ultrasounds that can be performed on your baby, but we would like to limit each pregnancy to four ultrasound appointments. We realize that the size and position of your baby could make it difficult to get an optimal view of their features, so we offer a follow up visit for no additional charge if our sonographers are unable to get the desired images.

While a few doctors have 3D ultrasound machines, they do not have the time to spend with patients to capture a number of 3D images and video clips. In the time they have reasonably allowed for the exam, the sonographer must focus on obtaining diagnostic measurements and multiple images of the baby's internal anatomy, which produce very different pictures than a keepsake session. During a 3D keepsake session, attention is given to obtaining beautiful images of your baby's face, hands and feet.

We welcome any additional questions you may have! Please contact us for more information.
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